New Project

The ‘multivitamin’ class offered by Annamaria and Vincenzo

On January 10, 2022, Stanford Primary School also finally returned to school after 83 weeks of lockdown; Children’s rights organizations have criticized Uganda’s decision to keep schools completely or partially closed for 83 weeks, longer than any other nation in the world.

Several million Ugandan students have finally returned to school after almost two years of closure imposed by the government as a measure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. The reopening of schools came along with other easing measures related to the use of public transport, the opening of bars and other public places.

In time to welcome the Primary One students, work was completed on the class adopted by Annamaria and Vincenzo, doctors-pharmacists and owners of the San Ciro Pharmacy in Naples, who wanted to offer the 33 children who attend the primary school class a more dignified and appropriate environment where you can study and learn.

Primary One is the classroom that welcomes children aged 6 to 8 and is the entry point to primary education after the children have left preschool; this class teaches Mathematics, English, Literacy I, Literacy II, Christian Religious Education (CRE), Physical Education and Luganda (African language of the Niger-Kordofan family, spoken by the Baganda people, the main ethnic group of Uganda).

“Every day in the pharmacy we support our customers in solving small problems, because it is right to call them that, to those born on the right side of the Earth. We have always found our work rewarding but imagine children who will finally be able to enjoy a classroom. worthy of the name and of them, reminded us of what it means to be truly grateful to life for all that we have and that we often take for granted.”

this is the thought of the young Annamaria who, together with her brother Vincenzo and his family, are not new in supporting social and humanitarian causes also in favor of children and families in their neighborhood.

Renovated and painted in bright blue and white colors, vitamins, essential substances for life, have been drawn on the entrance door as a wish and hope that education becomes an indispensable and always guaranteed condition for these young people for their personal growth.

The class as it looks in January 2022 after the renovations.